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Learn how to take your personal brand to the next level!

If you want to be famous in your area of expertise, be the king of the online jungle and make more than enough money from doing what you love, then NICE TO MEET YOU!

THE CelWEBrity

  • We are passionate, mission driven and we want to help talents to get out of their cages!!
  • We are committed to making a positive difference in your life
  • We will help you to become an influencer on all online channels and build the business and life you deserve
  • We are passionate about your success as we are for our own

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What is a

  • A business with your name on it!
  • Leverage your image to get not only celeritous but also reach!
  • Your personal brand is not an EGO thing but a relevant tool to build a valuable image that you can $ELL!!
  • $ELLEBRITY is our expertise! You just have to work hard and help us to find and empower that unique passion or talent that can make you famous!

A business with your name on it

A valuable image that you can $ELL

Unique passion and talent that makes you famous

Your personal brand


CelWEBrity ingredients that your personal brand will get:

  • #CelUnique
  • 67
  • 90
  • 58

#CelUnique - Surprise, create, be intelgient, be different! We will find your story and follow it to obsession

#CelEmotional – We take decisions based on our rationality but we ACT based on emotions! With us you will learn to touch the soul of your followers

#CelPersonal - Hey, here is not about you!! Is about your followers.. You will understand how to appreciate and make them to feel important and relevant.

Commit to success

Become more.

From a freelancer to an influencer!

From a celebrity to a $ellWEBbrity!

AND All this BY leveraging the power of the ONLINE!!

MC The celWEBrity Guru

Adriana The celWEBrity Life Coach

The celWEBrity coach

MC The celWEBrity Guru

Maria Cristina (MC) is a strategist in personal branding and online business. She helps freedom-seeking entrepreneurs and artists to stand out, captivate their audiences’ attention and monetize their authentic brands online.
MC is also the founder of #WEButic digital and was managing partner of one of the most successful party brands – The Date. As she sais, “You have to be prepared to have me in your life” – because she will change it FOR REAL!!